• Timothy McLaughlin

State fails students

After taking the time to read the Johns Hopkins report about our educational system and specifically Providence, we can no longer neglect our schools! We must face the facts. Our school system is broken. We need to fix it now before it becomes even more damaged. When the passing rate for students on the RICAS standardized test is less than 10% in many parts of our largest city, we don’t just have a broken district. We have a broken system. The State of Rhode Island has cut back on education for years, neglecting the students while saying that they are a priority. Well clearly, they are not, and what little the general assembly has done throughout the years has not helped. Countless times in the report, it was noted that students are not facing the rigor they should be, and even with a low bar set for them, students are still not making it. This was not the only issue. In the 93-page report, there were pages upon pages of issues facing the district and on a larger scale, the state.

As we approach 2020 as citizens we will be voting for new representative and senators in the General Assembly. We need new voices, and new ideas to move the state forward. We can no longer make empty promises to our future. Let’s send a message to the state stating loud and clear that this is not acceptable, and the citizens will no longer tolerate it! Therefore, if elected as representative, a main priority of mine will be to improve our education system!

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