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Protecting our Environment

Another core reason why I am running is because of the lack of environmental regulations pertaining to plastics, Styrofoam, single use plastics, recycling, and energy consumption. As for the single use plastics, it is common that these end up in our landfills and sit there for thousands of years. The general assembly has payed little to no attention to this issue. However, as a town we have begun this process of banning such hazardous materials. This is not good enough we must protect the entirety of the state; we have such beautiful beaches and parks across this state, and we must protect all of them. 

With plastic bags being banned, this is a step in the right direction. However, with that we need to now focus on Styrofoam, and single use plastics such as straws, forks, knives etc. We have seen the damage these small items can cause. Walking on the beaches here in Westerly, there should be no waste of any kind. Unfortunately, we see that some people don’t care. Imagine sitting down on the beach and in the water, you see trash bundled up in seaweed, a bag flying through the wind in the skyline and empty food containers, or chip bags half buried in the sand. This is not something to be imagined, this is reality. Whenever there is trash on the beach, or anywhere outside that is not in a trashcan is sad to see. We have reached the near limits on putting fines on littering and it is time now for the state to come in and protect these public spaces that all of us in the Westerly community hold so near and dear to us. 

As part of my efforts in reducing plastic bag usage, my campaign is happy to announce that I will be selling tote bags for $5 in person and $10 online with free shipping. Please be sure to check back for updates as to when the bags will be released.

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