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Updated: May 19, 2019

Today on May 18th I am happy to announce that in 2020 I will be running for the General Assembly House of Representatives seat for district 37. In preparation of the election year next year I will begin to accept donations for my campaign. The reasons why I am seeking to be elected are as follows;

1. Improve the Rhode Island education system

2. Make Rhode Island more business friendly

3. Sensible environmental regulations

4. To make a better Westerly and a better Rhode Island.

In Rhode Island we face many issues, one of the largest issues we face are the barriers to start and run a business here. Many businesses leave to the state that border us. We can no longer tolerate this. We have seen the Pawsox leave, Hasbro is debating on leaving for Massachusetts. Even our small businesses have a hard time competing with the large companies. As a small town we have plenty of small businesses, and they are the backbone of what makes Westerly. We need to make life easier for these companies, we still have plenty of red tape prohibiting businesses from started.

As for education, we saw in the past year many districts failed in the state wide testing. This is not an issue within districts, rather this is showing the failures in the Rhode Island laws regarding education. Many common things such as a mandatory civics education are not required by the state. If we fail to properly educate our population, we will have a harder time encouraging businesses to stay or come to Rhode Island. before we can focus on college, we need to focus on the entire public education system K-12. As a state we must work together and make Rhode Island better educated.

One of the last reasons I am running is for better environmental management. For years the largest state beach in the state, which is situated in Westerly, had no trash cans for the longest time. It took many government officials to come together and "fix" the problem. Time will only tell this year if things are better, but as I see it, it was a rushed solution, with no longer term plan in the works. Even beyond this, we can see the need for better regulations regarding recycling, and reducing the overall waste that ends up in our water, our oceans, and in our forests.

On one last note, if anyone wants to donate to me, I am currently accepting donations by mail. Either cash or check is suitable. If you would like to send cash I can only accept up to 25 dollars in cash. I can accept more via check. Please make checks out to Timothy McLaughlin. Please mail all donations to 43 Beach Street Unit 1r Westerly, R.I. 02891.

If anyone has questions, I will answer any I get. I will be as transparent as possible throughout this whole campaign. I will have a page with government links to look up public filings on candidates, you can use this to look at mine or any other candidate in Rhode Island. I encourage all westerly resident and even non-residents to contact me on my social media, or by email.

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