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College Alternative

Another type of educational plan that could be given more attention is trade and technical schools.  Not every student wants to attend college.  Many want to learn a trade that is relevant in today’s workforce. Not only that, a student can learn a trade at a fraction of the cost it would to attend college. We have seen great success with the Westerly Education Center.  Continuing to support projects like these will bring prosperity for the state. In education centers and technical schools, we don’t have to solely encourage manufacturing and technical jobs. They can teach coding, database management, Information technology, and technology assistants, all relevant in today’s workforce.  We are moving to a digital age where companies want people with more technical skills. These programs won't just help current students.  Classes can be offered to the general public for someone who needs job re-training. These new skills can offer quick training in the modern workplace. Rather than taking years off to learn a new skill, they can learn new skills in just months and begin working in a new job. 

For years we have seen some efforts made into making trade programs more available. However, if we are to compete with our neighbors, we must have a well-educated society and ensure that they are ready for 21st century jobs. This is why when elected, I will pursue the expansion of education centers and trade schools to include more technical training.  I will not forget those looking to go to a traditional college or university, and I will propose legislation to protect all student loan borrowers. It will be a goal of mine to propose new legislation to expand the ways students can pay for their education. 

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